Michael Riley Design is a full-service golf course design company located in Woodstock, Georgia.  With 40 years of experience in locations across the U.S. and Japan, Michael Riley has been associated with award winning courses and renovation improvements to top 100 facilities.  Founded in 1992, the company provides services for all aspects of golf course design, from new course designs and additions, to Master Planning for renovations to established courses.  Full design services include site analysis and planning, budget development, production of detailed plan documents and technical specifications, bid form preparation and contractor selection or negotiation, contract administration, and extensive hands-on design supervision during construction.

The hallmark of our service is our personal attention to each and every client.  Our approach is to be on site regularly when a client’s course is under construction. The plans, drawings and construction documents are necessary for permitting and establishing quantities and cost estimates, as well as being helpful to illustrate the layout of the holes, but a great golf course is built on site, one day at a time.  This is where the details and subtleties of the design are created, and the character of the course formed that are natural additions to the landscape and fulfill the client’s expectations.  The golf holes should be found and not artificially imposed upon the land.  Using existing features and strategically placed hazards, each hole is distinct yet a memorable part of the whole.  The result is a course that is strong in character and a challenge for all levels of skill.

Because of its commitment to personal service, the company accepts only those numbers of commissions that allow it to be actively involved in the design process as well as construction, making numerous site visits to ensure the quality of the projects and making design improvements as the work evolves in the field.

The goal of the company is to create inspiring designs that are strategically challenging and visually dramatic in concert with the natural features of the site to create a memorable golf experience.

In addition to golf course design, the company also provides services for artificial turf and landscape design and installation.